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- Louise & David - 


What they said about their song

It is hard to explain the emotion I experienced when hearing ‘our song’ for the first time. Being my wedding day, everything was euphoric, but this just took it to another level.

What was so special is that everyone stopped, listened and absorbed the beautiful melody and lyrics of a song that was a dedication to the celebration of our love – which is what a wedding is all about. It was a highlight of the day by far. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to witness a reflection on our relationship so far, and the exciting future ahead of us, to come to life as a beautiful song.

I can’t believe how wonderful the lyrics of our song were. It was as if Angela from Love Note had somehow crept into my head and heart and translated my thoughts and feelings for David into a song. Answering the simple questions that Love Note asked us equated to this emotive and expressively accurate creation! It was probably the most personal and unique gift that I have or will ever receive. Everyone commented on how special it was and I am pretty sure that I have started a fabulous, distinctive wedding trend.

You hear people commenting on songs on the radio, ‘This is our song’, which is sweet, but I feel lucky that our song will never be on the radio, as it is truly in all the essence of the meaning ‘our song’.

Thank you so much Love Note for adding something extraordinary to our beautiful day.
- Louise 

The lyrics

Where would I be if I had never heard you voice,
Your air of certainty your life and warmth and faith to know your choice,
Where would I be without your light and strength showing me the way?
You made it clear to me, my one and only person See more...


- Megan & Andrew Hall -

What they had to say about their song

There are moments in your life you will never forget – they imprint on your mind, your heart and your soul forever. For us, one of those moments was when we heard the deeply resonating and beautiful words of our personally written song on our wedding day.

When we asked Ange to sing at our wedding, we assumed that she would sing a cover version of a well-known love song. However, we were blown away to hear the lyrics dedicated to us. To be honest we were thinking, ‘what is this song?!’, then the penny dropped...

All we kept thinking was how amazing it was that someone would write a song about us – and totally get us. That’s pretty special.

Ange has the unique and wildly talented ability to see beyond what is in front of her. Through her lyrics she was able to convey our feelings for one another in an amazingly touching manner. Ange captured the elements of our relationship by highlighting the layers of love and respect we have for one another.

It would have been easy for Ange to focus on the obvious elements of any relationship, however she really emphasised the deeper understanding we have for one another – these are elements of our relationship that Ange obviously really took the time to understand, without us even noticing!We now have the most amazing reminder of one of our favourite days on record. This gift certainly stood out among the others – so special. Every anniversary we take the time to listen to our song and reminisce. This gift goes beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The story behind the love

Megan and Andrew are one of those couples who just get it. They are so true to themselves and the people around them. Andrew is a cabinetmaker. His energy is so calming and he sees straight to the truth of things, He would never loose sight of himself and he would never be the one to envy what he doesn’t have. People admire him for his strength of true character. Andrew is a very grounded man and has that lovely grounding affect on the people around him. See more...

The story behind the song

I knew their song needed to be simple, understated and honest. The theme of the song was centred on their inherent ability to work on a relationship without it actually looking like work - Their ability to accept compromise, and the way they always value, respect and support each other. They just seem to fit so intrinsically See more...

The lyrics

I love you, There ain’t much about you I don’t love, You’re the one that makes me tick, people might think that’s quite romantic

I’m not sure bout that too me it’s just a fact, There’s no me without a you, can’t wait to be living our lives for two. See more...

More Love Returned...

- Dan & Dayna Howes - 

" When Choosing entertainment we knew we wanted a live singer and someone who could play a wide variety of songs we love... thus bringing us to Love Note. Ange and Anthony were brilliant to work with . They went to so much effort learning a few extra songs we wanted and delivered them perfectly. They had loads of energy and really set the scene, getting everyone up and dancing early in the night... continuing until the wedding finished. Ange was in constant contact pre wedding, extremely professional and personable. We will definitely be keeping them in mind for future events we host and also spreading the word to any friends and family looking for Live Music. Thanks again guys!"

- Mark and Sam- 

Thank you to the O’Brien Family for your special words - Such a delight working for this family xxx

" The written and spoken word is beautiful but transformed into music, it can move you beyond words... We approached Ange and Anthony to write a song for our dear brother Mark and sister-in-law Sam, to play at their wedding reception. Ange and Anthony took our responses to their questionnaire and transformed it into a touching love song about the special bond and relationship that Mark and Sam share.

Looking around the room while the song played, everyone listened intently to the heartfelt and touching lyrics, celebrating the two remarkable people sitting there in front of us. In one word - sensational!

In preparing for weddings couples often go in search of ‘their song’. Look no further...Love Note are specialists in personalising that perfect, meaningful song to celebrate the occasion. 

We can’t thank you enough Ange and Anthony! You are so talented. The song you prepared for Mark and Sam made the wedding so memorable. From all reports, the song often features on Mark and Sam’s playlist at home.

We appreciate all the time and effort you put into their beautiful love song"

 Cecelia and Charles Simson, Rachel and David McLennan, Catherine and Stephen O’Brien

- Shanna and Darren Manwaring-

                                         " OMG Ange, that is absolutely beautiful! I am sitting at my desk crying! This takes me back to our day and makes everything that more special. 
I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and sincere interest in our day. I'm blown away! This is THE best wedding gift! As I mentioned in my testimonial we will forever be grateful to you. I've told you before and I'll say it again, you are AMAZING! 
I can't wait to have children and share this special gift with them. This is the gift that keeps on giving! I look forward to our yearly anniversaries because
 of you. 
You should be so proud of yourself, THANK YOU for your beautiful talent. Your are a winner Ange, I hope your never ever stop doing what you do! "


- Anna Gilbert -

I approached Ange from Love Note to create a song for my TV and web commercial that I was producing for my portrait photography business.

I wanted it to be beautiful, simple, melodic and emotive, but not cheesy. I couldn't have been more happy with the results - people have had goosebumps and tears hearing this song (myself included) and it worked perfectly with the sunlit footage of a family on the beach and me capturing their precious memories. You can see how beautifully it works.” 



- Carrisa and Chris Eccles -

There was one thing we were certain about when planning our wedding... having 'Love Note' perform during our ceremony. We already knew what a powerful musical combo Ange and Anthony were; professional yet laid back, they were so easy to work with. And they certainly did not disappoint, instant goosebumps when I arrived at the church!! Ange your voice will never cease to amaze :) We cannot thank them enough for making our day even more special. Their talents come highly recommended!!"


- Katie & Trent Hunter - 

When you plan your wedding day you want to have something special and unique that you and everyone else will remember and smile about.
This is why when choosing our wedding song we wanted Love Note to perform it.
Even though we had already chosen which song we would like ,we wanted a live version played for our first dance and Love Note delivered. Armed with only her voice and Anthony on guitar our version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" that Love Note performed was one of the best moments of my entire wedding. Angela added her own personal touch to the song and it was perfect.

It left us and our guests wanting more. Such a memorable moment and one that we will cherish forever. I am now getting Love Note to write our own song for our anniversary."

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